Intellathane Technical Bulletins

Intellathane® 510 90A – Fast curing high performance urethane coating. Excellent low temperature flexibility and high tensile strength. Low viscosity.
Intellathane® 517-LP – polyurethane/polyuria Gen II spray on bed liner formulation.
Intellathane® 517 – polyurea-urethane hybrid coating.
Intellathane® 520 HP – Highest concentration percentage hybrid available. This systems meets USDA approval for incidental food contact under all USDA approval top coatings. Free of Volatile Organic Compounds.
Intellathane® 520C – Highest percentage urea hybrid coating available. Applied in lower ambient can be applied in ambient temperatures down to 45 F and in relative humidity up to 99%.
Intellathane® 530 85A – Rapid cure rates produce high build membrane in seconds. Excellent low temperature flexibility while exhibiting high tensile strength. Low viscosity.
Intellathane® 530 90A-F – best moisture resistance and low temperature properties available. High build membrane in seconds. Fire retarded to meet UL94 HB and can be used as base coat in class A systems
Intellathane® 530 HT-AM – high tensile strength and anti-microbial properties. For the protection of steel, concrete, wood and foamed plastics.
Intellathane® 6190 55DS – two component, polyurea spray elastomer system, monolithic membrane used as a fast flexible mold making material where pattern transfer is required.
Intellathane® 7000 PV – two-component, spray-in-place, monolithic membrane designed for commercial and industrial applications such as roof coatings, automotive liners, spill containment, retention ponds, etc.
Intellathane® 7100 – polyurea spray elastomer designed for protective-abrasive-impact liner for cementitious, wood, and/or metal surfaces.
Intellathane® 7161 – polyurea spray elastomer for humid conditions. Suitable for properly prepared cementitious, wood, and/or metal surfaces.
Intellathane® 7200 – polyurea spray elastomer for high performance or abrasion resistance is needed.
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