Playground Safety Surfaces Tech Sheets

Topcoat System for Refinishing Safety Surfaces (Tru-Motion F6007/P1007)
Aliphatic Safety Surface Binder (Tru-Motion H3168)
Aliphatic Safety Surface Binder-Slow Cure (Tru-Motion H3219)
Aromatic Safety Surface Binder (Tru-Motion H3590)
Aromatic Safety Surface Binder – Fast Cure(Tru-Motion H3591)
Aliphatic Safety Surface Binder – Repair Use (Tru-Motion H3601)
Chlorine Resistant Aliphatic Binder (Tru-Motion H3604)
Chlorine Resistant Aliphatice Binder-Hard (Tru-Motion H3609)
Summary of Safety Surface Binders


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