Our Accella PolyurethaneTM spray-on coating provides a permanent water tight seal that bonds and conforms to every contour of your surface. This bond creates a barrier from moisture, rust and corrosion for the lifetime of the application. Our Polyurethane spray-on coating is resistant to most chemicals making it a superior material for use in industrial applications. Protect critical components to survive impacts from rocks, debris and extreme use.
The Accella PolyurethaneTM spray-on bed coating is a high tensile strength material providing a superior layer of protection our competitors cannot match. We pride ourselves on using higher quality raw materials to produce a fine grain texture that does not “clump” or “sag” on vertical surfaces.
End Uses Include:
• Truck Bed Liners
• Bumpers
• Trim Accessories
• Automotive Fillers
• Horse Trailers


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