Intellathane Technical Bulletins

Intellathane® 515 is a plural component polyurea hybrid spray-in-place elastomer, flexible tough monolithic membrane.

Intellathane® 517 – polyurea-urethane hybrid coating.

Intellathane® 530 90A-F – best moisture resistance and low temperature properties available. High build membrane in seconds.

Intellathane® 550 is a 100% polyuria spray elastomer with one-to-one ration for high performance applications

Intellathane® 7000PV is a two-component, spray-in-place flexible 100% solids polyurethane/polyurea system

Intellathane® 7100 is a 100% polyurea spray elastomer with exceptional physical properties.

Intellathane® 400C is a polyurea hybrid spray on bed liner formulation.

Intellathane® 7360 is a fast cure, textured surface for automotive applications such as pickup truck bed liners and exhibits excellent qualities for military applications.

Intellasolve® P1121 is a cleaning fluid for polyurea spraying equipment


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