AccellaTM offers a myriad of diverse polyurethane products and surely has a formulation that is right for you. With state of the art laboratories at all locations, we have the ability to design a custom formulation and provide the rapid on-site customer support that you need. With our technology, we evaluate your material requirements and work with your team to closely determine how to improve your product and deliver your order on time, every time.

Our extensive array of equipment can produce batches as small as one drum or as large as a tanker load. With more than 40 different mixers, 25 different reactors, as well as milling and grinding equipment in capacities ranging from a few gallons to over 10,000 gallons, Accella Polyurethane SystemsTM has the capacity for any job. Our custom polyurethane systems are designed to work within your unique application and meet your individual needs.

Adhesives & Binders
Sealants & Encapsulants
Rigid Casting


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