Adhesives & Binders

Polyurethane Adhesives & Binders

Adhesives and binders are either two-component (two part) or single-component systems. Binders are typically single-component products that cure through reaction with moisture. They are used to adhere particles such as rubber crumb, foam, and other solids. Moisture-cured urethane binders are engineered to provide a wide range of characteristics, including chemical-resistant types and light stable aliphatic polyurethanes.

AccellaTM binders are used in the following applications:
• Running Tracks
• Playground Surfaces
• Carpet Pad
• Tile Underlayment
• Mats & Matting
• Landscaping Pavers
• Traffic Devices

Adhesives & Binders
Sealants & Encapsulants
Rigid Casting


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