Spray Elastomers

Spray Elastomers
Spray Elastomers
Accella Spray Elastomers have proven to consistently outperform competitive materials with superior physical properties and are formulated with polyurethane, polyurea, and hybrid technologies. Whether the surface is steel, wood, concrete, plastic or even fiberglass, our systems are offered in a range of durometers and have been specifically designed to process easily through high-pressure and low-pressure spray elastomer equipment.
Accella Spray Elastomer systems can offer a wide range of performance characteristics including:
• Pure or hybrid polyurea blends that offer improved elongation and tensile strength
• Abrasion, chemical, and moisture resistance
• Industry best UV (ultraviolet) protection that will not fade and have already passed auto manufacturers most rigorous tests
• Instant curing even at low temperatures
• Low viscosity options for a superior high-gloss and smooth finish
• No chalking or surface degradation
• 100% solids (no VOC’s or Solvents)
Accella Spray Elastomers are used in the following applications:
• Truck Bed Liners
• Secondary Containment
• Industrial/Commercial Floors
• Horse Trailers
• Undercoatings of Equipment
• Pipe Coatings & Flanges
• Ponds, Faux Rocks, Waterfalls


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