Multi-purpose Surfacing

Three AccellaTM Products Selected for Wingate University Student Wellness Center Remodel

“The Tru-Motion polyurethane product provided excellent working time to complete the project without taking too long to cure.”

The Market: Sports & Recreational Surfacing.

The Challenge: Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina hired Brian Cockfield, President of The Sports Flooring Group, to collaborate on designing and installing 60,000 sq. ft. of surfacing for it’s Student Wellness Center. Mr. Cockfield had to carefully consider the performance attributes required for the many different areas in this project. The multi-purpose court requires durability for roller hockey and elasticity for basketball. The running track requires shock absorption to ease impact on the joints. In the weight area, a thick cushion is required to absorb the impact of falling weights.

The Solution: Mr. Cockfield presented a complete turnkey solution using AccellaTM products to meet the requirements for these three areas. Ultimate RB rolled rubber was selected for the 5,000 sq. ft. weight room and cardio area. Mr. Cockfield presented a two layer rolled rubber solution. A 9mm all rubber black base layer was installed first then a high color 4mm layer was glued on top. “Combining two products like this provides the cushion required for a weight area being more economical than a full depth high color product” Mr. Cockfield explained. AccellaTM’s Customer Service team worked closely with The Sports Flooring group and the Architect to custom match the EPDM to the Wingate University school colors during the specification process.

Two formulations of Accella’s Tru-MotionTM PP multi-purpose flooring were selected for the indoor running track and multi-purpose court. The Tru-Motion PP S9920-80/H9786 was selected for the 6,500 sq. ft. multi-purpose court. This product has a higher durometer, which prevents denting and scuffing during roller hockey and other harsh activity. The Tru-Motion PP S9801/H9714 was selected for the 17,000 sq. ft. indoor running track with a 7mm rubber underlayment and a 2mm wear layer. This formulation has a lower durometer, giving ease to runner’s joints while still maintaining the multipurpose functionality.

“The Tru-Motion polyurethane was very easy to install,” said John Ennis, an installer with The Sports Flooring Group. “It didn’t have the bubbling I’ve seen with similar products and it provided excellent working time to complete the project without taking too long to cure.”

Wingate University is slated to cut the ribbon on a full remodel of its Student Wellness Center on January 15th. The facility is complete with an indoor running track, multi-purpose court, basketball court, weight room, cardio facility and racquetball courts.


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