Indoor Gym Flooring

Optimizing Indoor Gym Flooring Installation with Complete and Consistent Chemical Systems

“The AccellaTM staff response time is great, and their professionals understand how the products work in the lab as well as in the field.”

The Company: Since 1872, Connor Sports has been a leader in wood gym flooring and synthetic sports flooring surfaces for a variety of applications. Connor provides hardwood maple athletic surfaces, rolled-vinyl sports surfaces, urethane gym flooring, and rubber gymnasium and weight room surfaces. A AccellaTM customer since 2009, Connor has designed and built more than 75,000 game courts in the United States and abroad.

The Challenge: Between limitations in the pool of available qualified installers and unexpected conditions on the job site, we are always trying to ensure process optimization by enabling our contractors to be successful through the use of familiar, high-quality products. Because job site conditions are usually working against us, and the flooring of indoor facilities is typically the last piece to be installed, it’s critical for the products to be consistent so our teams can install them efficiently. With a limited installation window, it’s also very important to ensure on-time site delivery of system components so that our contractors can install as soon as the facility is prepared and available.

The Solution: What really makes the difference in the end result for our customers is how the products work in the field when they are being put down. Product consistency saves us both time and money, and it’s clear AccellaTM has worked extensively on creating user-friendly, competitively priced products that consistently deliver the correct physical properties. AccellaTM products are uniquely formulated to be freeze resistant, which further ensures their consistency on-site year-round, no matter what traveling conditions may have been like. Their innovative water-based top coat has also saved us significant time with indoor installations, as this eco-friendly component does not require evacuation of the job site during the curing process.

Accessibility has placed another significant role in the successful installation of our systems. It’s our job to make sure that our customers and contractors are well versed in the systems we install, and our lead technical contractors are always able tap into the MarChem chemists directly, which makes a huge difference. The AccellaTM staff’s response time is great, and their professionals understand how the products work in the lab as well as in the field, which really closes the gap for our installers.


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