Sports and Recreational Surfacing Applications


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Tru-Motion is a custom line of Accella Polyurethane SystemsTM for indoor pad & pour surfaces, outdoor running tracks, and playground safety surfaces. Combining years of advanced technical expertise, our chemists deliver state of the art products that perform consistently from the laboratory to each on-site installation. Tru-Motion products include:

Two-Component Poured Elastomer Systems
– for Indoor Pad & Pour and outdoor running tracks

Single-Component, Moisture Cured Binders – for outdoor running tracks and poured-in-place playground safety surfaces

Single-Component and Two-Component Coatings – for running track structural sprays and Indoor Pad & Pour flooring topcoats and line paints

Our experts can evaluate your material requirements, determine the best products for your application, and deliver high quality products on time. As proud members of ASBA (American Sports Builders Association) and IPEMA (International Playground Manufacturers Association), we’re committed to producing superior athletic and recreational surfacing chemistry and the most reliable installation friendly product for every customer.

Tru-Motion Product Applications
Indoor Pad & Pour
Outdoor Running Tracks
Playground Safety Surfaces

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