Tru-Motion Indoor Multi-Purpose Athletic Surfaces

Indoor multi-purpose athletic surfaces require a unique combination of materials for consistent athletic performance and athlete safety. From the adhesive all the way through the game line paint, our products are environmentally friendly without sacrificing durability and ease of maintenance.

Tru-Motion indoor sports and multi-purpose surfacing materials are designed to provide the highest levels of surface performance and have long-wearing capabilities with low maintenance requirements. With 20 plus years of experience in water-based top coat and game line paint technology, Tru-Motion has earned the reputation among installers as the preferred choice for applying indoor surfaces.

• Eco-friendly, self-leveling elastomer systems with solvent-free top coats and game line paints.
• Spike resistant and high durometer systems available for special applications such as rollerblading and bleacher support.
• Flexibility to choose from the largest available variety of custom formulations, design and coloring.

Tru-Motion Products
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