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Bullet Liner polyurethane spray bed liner is not only a safe spray coating, but it is also proven to perform in very extreme conditions. You can trust that we always implement strict quality controls, superior quality ingredients, and the most sophisticated processing equipment in the industry.

Bullet Liner Truck Bed Spray Liner Facts:

  • Protects critical components on vehicles to survive impacts from rocks, debris, and extreme use.
  • Bullet Liner’s high tensile strength material provides a superior layer of protection our competitors cannot match.
  • Our high strength raw materials produce a fine grain texture that does not “clump” or “sag” on vertical surfaces. Bullet Liner looks as if it came pre-installed from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Our coatings provide a permanent bond that conforms to every contour of your truck bed. This bond creates a barrier from moisture, rust and corrosion for the lifetime of your vehicle.
  • Bullet Liner is resistant to most chemicals, making it a superior material not just for truck beds, but trailers as well.

What makes Bullet Liner polyurethane spray bed liner stand out from the competition? We have so much to offer!

  • Permanent bond characteristics that provide fade resistance due to its superior UV protection
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Sound dampening
  • Impervious to climate changes
  • Multiple colors
  • Protection for your truck or trailer’s resale value
  • High level of scratch, scuff, and puncture resistance

Bullet Liner applications are endless! Some of the uses for this versatile spray on liner include:

  • Truck beds
  • Trailers
  • Open vehicle interiors
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Speaker boxes
  • Playground equipment
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Offshore applications
  • Secondary containment
  • Corrosion control
  • Slip resistant coatings
  • Blast mitagation

Custom formulated urethanes are also available!

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